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Twitter Reacts to Sherry Rehman Sharing a Picture of Biryani Perfume

We all know how much Pakistanis love biryani, but would you ever want to smell like it? As aromatic as a hot plate of biryani can be, would you ever wear it as perfume? Sherry Rehman made a lot of people question that exact same thing when she posted a picture of a perfume called “Le Biryani – with aloo”.

Don’t worry, it’s not an actual perfume, yet. The picture was simply concept art of Le Biryania perfume, made by Pakistani artist DigInk.

Not surprisingly, people were quite onboard with the idea of this perfume.

However, the addition of “with aloo” might divide the Pakistani people as it always does.

Since there are perfumes with candies, chocolates and fruit smells, why not Pakistan’s most famous dish? So the next time you smell biryani around you, make sure it’s not one of your friends wearing the perfume before your mouth starts watering.

Would you wear a biryani perfume? Let us know in the comments!

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