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Pakistan Stock Exchange Attacked by Armed Gunmen in Karachi

Four terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in Karachi on Monday, killing at least 7 people. According to media reports, several others were injured as terrorists stormed the building and opened indiscriminate fire.

The police officials said that all four terrorists were gunned down after they launched a grenade attack at the building’s main gate at 10:00 AM and stormed the building while firing indiscriminately. As per reports, the terrorists were carrying sophisticated weapons, including automatic rifles and hand grenades.

Faisal Edhi, head of the Edhi Foundation, said, “The attackers had hand grenades with them. Two of them were killed at the gate, and two were killed further inside the building complex. We were hearing explosions going off [from our building].” The Edhi office is located opposite the PSX in Karachi’s main commercial district.

The attack caused panic inside the building which was evacuated, while one police official and one security guard were also among the injured. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital where they are receiving the necessary medical treatment. The dead include the four attackers, a police officer, and two civilians.

Senior police official Sharjeel Kharal told reporters that “Right now the information is of four [attackers], all four killed. One sub inspector was killed and three policemen were wounded, and two of the stock exchange’s guards were wounded as well”.

The areas around the Pakistan Stock Exchange have been sealed and search operations continue to clear the area. A police spokesman, Shazia Jehan, said that a bomb disposal squad had also been called to the building to clear it of any explosives.

Director of Pakistan Stock Exchange, Abid Ali Habib, said “An unfortunate incident took place at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. They made their way from our parking area and opened fire on everyone.”

Sindh Governer Imran Ismail condemned the incident on Twitter.

Militants from the Majig Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) have claimed responsibility for the attack through a statement released while the operation was ongoing. The statement said, “Majeed brigade of Baloch Liberation Army today has carried out a self-sacrificing attack on Karachi stock exchange”.

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