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#JusticeForSultan – Imprisoned Protester Handcuffed to Hospital Bed

A man who was imprisoned for protesting for the victims of the 2014 Model Town clash in Lahore is currently under treatment in the hospital while handcuffed to his hospital bed.

According to media reports, the protester Muhammad Sultan has been hospitalized for treatment of a brain tumor. Pictures going around on social media show Sultan in handcuffs inside the operation theater.

A lot of people have come out on social media to condemn this “inhumanity”, some calling into conversation how the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, was allowed to leave the country for his treatment while people like Muhammad Sultan suffer because they don’t have the power or privilege to fight for their rights.

One Twitter user stated how this showed the “duplicity of this system” which “gives an easy escape to the untouchables”.

Another user commented on how it’s not just Sultan who has been handcuffed but every common Pakistani, and humanity itself, because “bails on medical/humanitarian grounds is just for corrupt elite”.

Some even went as far as to speculate that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf “used Model Town Case for their political campaigns” and that Imran Khan “made all false promises of providing justice to MT Martyrs” which was “all for seeking political successes”.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Secretary General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, also spoke up about the issue on Twitter, stating how “justice has become a cruel joke in Pakistan”. He also mentioned that Sultan was not being allowed to meet his family members while awaiting brain surgery.

Do you agree with these opinions? Do you think the treatment Muhammad Sultan is getting is humane and right? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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