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Corruption Has Not Increased in the Country Says Chairman Transparency International Pakistan

Chairman Transparency International Pakistan, Advocate Sohail Muzzafar has said that CPI 2019 report has not declared that corruption has increased in Pakistan, in 2019.

The press release quoted TI Pakistan Chairman Sohail Muzaffar saying that “lowering of Pakistan Score by one does not reflect any increase or decrease in Corruption as it is within the standard margin of error which is 2.46%”. It cited the example of Denmark, which had also experienced a drop from 87 to 88 score yet it was the least corrupt country in 2018 and 2019.

A number of politicians, TV channels and newspapers have misreported the CPI Report, and given false figures trying to damage the reputation of Pakistan. In order to set the record right, read the press release.

Following are the clarification on misreporting on CPI 2019 in media:

Out of 8 sources used in Pakistan CPI, data of 2016/17 is used by Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index 2020 Code: BF(TI) lower score by 3, and data of 2015/2016/2017 is used by Rule of Law Index 2019 lower score by 2, and that 6 other Sources scores are same as in 2018.

The press release clarified that Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index 2020 data was not made public, and will be declared in 2020, and only provided to TI for CPI purpose; media report has quoted data of CPI 2018. Rule of Law data was collected between May and November 2018, and RLI 2018 used data were collected between May and December 2017.

The release further read that the BTI score is lower by 4.12 and not 3, and the RoL Index score is lower by 2.4 and not 2. And the scores of the other 6 sources used in CPI are all different form 2018, scores of 3 sources (WB, PRS & EIU)are increased and in 2 sources (VDP, WEF&GICR) the scores are reduced.

One leader said in the media that CPI 2019 has rated the governments of President Musharraf as most corrupt, of Imran Khan 2nd most corrupt and of PML-N as cleanest and PPP as 2nd cleanest, and TI/TI-Pakistan has engineered CPI 2019.

CPI press release clarified that CPI 2019 has not given any such rating for Pakistan, nor for any other country. TI does not have its own data input in CPI, and TI Pakistan has not role in the making of CPI, nor has any data input in it.

Clarification on how CPI is prepared by Transparency International in Germany, and what data is used in CPI.

  1. CPI does not include any data of any survey conducted by Transparency International.
  2. CPI is compiled by Transparency International at Berlin and TI-Pakistan has no role in preparation of CPI.
  3. CPI aggregates data from 13 different sources of 12 different institutions that provide the perception of corruption by businesspeople and country experts of the level of corruption in public sector.
  4. Each of scores of the 13 sources included in the CPI is standardized by TI and data is entered in a piece of software, to calculate for the aggregation into the CPI score. The standardization converts all the data points to a scale of 0-100 where a 0 represents the highest level of perceived corruption and 100 the lowest level of perceived corruption
  5. CPI 2019 for Pakistan has used data of 8 sources.

Advocate Sohail Muzaffar, Chairman TI Pakistan also said that in the press release of CPI 2019 on 23 January 2019, T I Pakistan had praised the increased anticorruption efforts of the present government, and under its rule, better performance of present set-up of the NAB.

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