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Attock Assistant Commissioner Finds Herself in Hot Water for Saying There Should Be No Discrimination Against Ahmadis

Jannat Hussain Nekokara, the Assistant Commissioner of Attock, has found herself in trouble for saying that there should be no discrimination against Ahmadis during an event.

A video is going around on social media that shows Nekokara being called in front of a room full of people and explain her recent statements calling for unity amongst all Pakistanis at an event. The video shows her explaining that she had been talking about human rights at the event during which she emphasized that Ahmadis should not be discriminated against. She further stated that she had asked for unity among all Pakistanis so we are better able to fight our external enemies.

The video then shows another person in the room getting angry by Nekokara’s comments and saying that the 1973 constitution declared Ahmadis non-Muslims so what reason did she have for talking about unity. Nekokara then repeats what she had said earlier, stating that the constitution did declare Ahmadis non-Muslims and she believed them to be so as well.

Regardless of religion, do Ahmadis not deserve the same human rights that people of all other religions deserve? Was Nekokara wrong to call for unity among all Pakistanis, regardless of what they believe in? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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