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9-Year-Old Aisha Ayaz Wins Gold Medal in International Taekwondo Championship

Aisha Ayaz is one of the youngest athletes of Pakistan and she has now won a gold medal in the 8th Al Fujiarah Open International Taekwondo Championship 2020.

Aisha is from Pakistan’s Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and got into martial arts when she was only three years old. In the past, she has won medals in many district, provincial, and international competitions, including the gold medal she has won in this year’s Al Fujiarah Open International Taekwondo Championship, held in Dubai.

Aisha competed in the 34 KGs, which was attended by players from 50 countries from all over the world. She defeated the players of Dubai and Kyrgyzstan in the second fight and England in the third fight. Notably, she also won a bronze medal in the 27 KGs category at the International Taekwondo Championships in Dubai last year.

Mohammad Ayaz, her father, is also a taekwondo practitioner and said that his daughter took to the sport after watching him train. She grew up practising taekwondo with her brothers, Zaryab Khan (7) and Zeeyab Khan (5), who are also national champions.

Currently, Aisha is studying in the third grade at The Best Schooling Academy in Swat Valley. Her father is determined to help her realize her Olympic dream, which is quite inspiring since they hail from the conservative part of north-western Pakistan where girls’ education is still a challenge.

Her father told Gulf News, “She is a great little athlete and I will take every step to support her despite social displeasure. It is hers and now my dream is to see Aisha participate in Olympics and raise Pakistan’s flag high at the global event”.

Apart from Aisha, players from Pakistan won four silver and two bronze medals on the event’s opening day.

While Aisha has a passion for sports and her dedication is remarkable, especially at such a young age, young competitors like her need recognition and support from the government and media. If we don’t give them the coverage they deserve, then we’re failing them as a nation.

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